Ukrainian political scientist broke in the broadcast channel Russia

Украинского политолога побили в эфире канала РФ

The incident occurred on shootings of the Russian TV programs.

Former Ukrainian journalist Yury kot repeatedly struck in the face by the Ukrainian scientist Vyacheslav Kovtun during filming of the program Process on the Russian TV channel Zvezda.

The incident happened during a performance of Yuri the Cat. He talked about 17-year-old son, living in Ukraine, and his comrades, who do not profess a radical ideology.

During that Kovtun said: “we know that it’s for the son”, and then the cat walked up to him and repeatedly struck.

Leading immediately stopped the conflict Kovtun and asking the Cat to leave the set, saying that the assault on the program is unacceptable.

After the incident, Kovtun called the police.

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