Ukrainian scientists developed for NATO a system of explosive detection

Украинские ученые разрабатывают для НАТО систему поиска взрывчатки

Ukrainian scientists working in a NATO project

The search system of explosives will operate at the microwave level. It will help to detect hidden weapon to protect transport infrastructure.

Scientists from the Institute of Radiophysics and electronics named Usikov participate in the international project of NATO on search of explosives and weapons on public transport. This is stated on the website of the Alliance.

On the first stage of the project will be working with experts from France (Centre for aerospace research), Ukraine (Institute of Radiophysics and electronics named after E. Y. Usikov) and South Korea (Seoul national University).

Scientists intend to design a system of detection of substances on the basis of microwaves. It is assumed that it will be able to detect explosives and concealed weapons in real-time and will help to protect transport infrastructure, particularly airports, metro stations and railway stations.

Earlier, NATO said that will bring Ukraine closer to membership in the Alliance.

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