Ukrainian “Scorpio” impressed the British media

Украинский «скорпион» впечатлил британские СМИ

The ball defender Avangard Kramatorsk Dmitry Ulyanov, the midfielder of FC Ternopil impressed the media at Albion.

“When facing an empty net, the best thing to do is just to send the ball into the net, right?

WRONG! Much more appropriate would be to apply crazy Scorpion kick”, writes The Mirror.

Resource jokingly calls Ulyanov new Rene Igitol, and notes the fact that the player knew what to do.

“The ball hit the net – and everyone is happy, however, for 22-year-old defender might have been otherwise. In case of failure, he could stay to blush in front of their fans”.

“However, video from the game against FC Ternopil demonstrates that young player perfectly aware of what he does”.

“Considering the situation, he saw it’s coming from the flank, and the goalkeeper is already irrelevant. Then Ulyanov soared into the air, and with an acrobatic jump sent the ball into the net in this style of Rene Ility” – speaks about the goal The Mirror.

Live with a goal in a matter of hours had spread not only English, but many of the world’s media that also remain impressed by the bright ball of the Ukrainian footballer.

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