Ukrainian skater Chichenkov won a place in the Olympics

Украинская фигуристка Хныченкова завоевала лицензию на Олимпиаду

Anna Hrycenko

At the Olympic games in Pyeongchang Ukrainian figure skaters will perform in three types of programs.

On the Olympic tournament on figure skating in Pyeongchang Ukraine will be represented in women’s figure skating. A license to participate in the winter Games 2018 was won by Anna Hrycenko in the tournament Nebelhorn Trophy, which takes place in the German Oberstdorf.

After the short program Chichenkov took fourth place, but with an arbitrary program has not mastered the best way, earning 96,03 points, became the eighth result.

The totals in 151,08 was only enough for seventh place, while licenses for the Olympics was played six, but the Ukrainian was saved by the fact that fourth place was the German Nathalie Weinzierl, who acted outside of the program, so Hrycenko got the last ticket to Pyeongchang.

Thus, Ukraine at the Olympic winter games in 2018 in figure skating will be represented in three types of programmes – previously the license was won by Jaroslav Panic in men’s figure skating dance couple Alexandra Nazarova / Maxim Nikitin.

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