Ukrainian skater Pavlov was not able to get into any program the world Cup

Украинский фигурист Павлов не смог пробиться в произвольную программу ЧМ

Ivan Pavlov

Personal best is not enough, Ivan Pavlov to be among the 24 finalists.

Ukrainian figure skater Ivan Pavlov scored a record 69.26 points in the short program, but it was not enough to qualify for the free program at the world Championships in Helsinki.

If last year in Boston Pavlov scored 65,20 points, which allowed him to become the 24th in the short program, now 18-year-old skater took the 25th place, losing 0.06 Filipino Michael Christian Martinez. These six hundredths of a point and not enough Ukrainian to make it to the next round of the competition, where will be 24 skaters.

Leading after the short program, the Spanish skater Javier Fernandez, who in the short program received 109,05 points. The second place was occupied by the Japanese Catfish UNO (104,86), the third canadian Patrick Chan (102,13).

Earlier wrote that in a free program at the world Championships in Helsinki failed to break the Ukrainian figure skater Anna Hrycenko.

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