Ukrainian student has invented a cheap method of sewage treatment

Украинская школьница изобрела дешевый способ очистки канализации

From Lvov figured out how to clean the sewers in your city

The project the student of the Lviv school will soon present a conference in the United States.

17-year-old schoolgirl from Lviv Elizaveta Podkopayeva invented a simple and cheap method of sewage treatment which, unlike others, does not require reconstruction of the entire system. Your project, she will soon represent the U.S. at the international science competition for students, reports Radio Liberty.

“The purpose of my work was full automaticity and low cost devices,” commented Elizabeth his invention.

The purpose of this device is to clean the drains from solid waste, which causes an unpleasant smell. This is a really urgent problem, because in Lviv in some areas an unpleasant smell in the air is particularly noticeable.

And Lviv schoolgirl has invented the design of sanitary devices, which can be used effectively at minimum cost.

The device is a plastic bucket with a volume of 150 liters, in which to gather rainwater. After filling the bucket turns upside down, water pours out of momentum, that is, the wave, the drain, cleaning it from solid debris, and the bucket returns to its place.

This device can be installed in an existing manhole, remove or mount should be carried out through the hatch. So when workers need access to the well, the device is easily removed and then installed in place.

Currently, despite the relevance of the invention lvovyanki, device none of the authorities are not interested.

Earlier it was reported that Israel has shown the possibility of secondary use of water.