Ukrainian students will be taught using LEGO

Украинских школьников будут учить с помощью LEGO

100 pilot schools will provide a technique of LEGO.

In the pilot school project “New Ukrainian school” children will learn with the use of LEGO, agreed during the meeting, the Minister of education and science of Ukraine Liliya Hrynevych and CEO of The LEGO Foundation John Goodwin.

As reported in the press service of the Ministry of education, 100 pilot schools will provide a technique of LEGO, and retraining of teachers, which in 2018 will take first class “New Ukrainian schools”, will join the coaches of The LEGO Foundation.

Thus, in the second half of the 100 schools that are now piloting the new standard of elementary education, will be sets of “Six building blocks”. They must ensure that each child in the experimental classes.

“Six bricks” is technology training, which will help students to train memory, develop motor skills and think creatively, said Goodwin.

“We are very interested in cooperation, because I really want to change our school and approach to learning. Especially it concerns elementary school, which next year will start the reform and the children will go to the first class of the New Ukrainian school. We need to provide it with new equipment and new techniques, in particular, learning through play, which implements projects LEGO” – said Grinevich.

For retraining 22 thousand teachers, which next year will take the first class, there are 2 modules. The first is for the distance learning course, which MES plans to start in early 2018. It will present the methodology of learning through play for elementary school. The second module will be designed for trainers who will train teachers during face-to-face stage. It all methods will be considered in practice.

Recall that the American designer Nathan Sawaya built a full-scale copy of the “Batmobile” from 500 thousand cubes Legо. The creation of the project, it took three months.