Ukrainian swimmer set a new record, breaking the Dnieper

Украинский пловец установил новый рекорд, преодолев Днепр

Swimmer Michael Romanyshyn has set a new record of Ukraine, overcoming the Dnieper

Ukrainian athlete held the world record swim for a month on the Dnieper over 900 km In the next year, he plans to swim across the Black sea.

Master of sports Mikhail Romanishin for a month and five days to overcome swim more than 900 kilometers of the Ukrainian section of the Dnieper river, setting a record of Ukraine, UNIAN reports.

The record was recorded on Tuesday, September 10, in Kherson, where she finished the swimmer, which is 5 August, began the swim on the border of Ukraine with Belarus. In particular, present at the event, the head of the National registry of records of Ukraine Lana Vetrova announced the achievement of a new record – overcome swim is located on the territory of our country the land of the Dnieper river.

According to Wind, the athlete swam more than 900 kilometers. After the finish Romanishin said that the main purpose of his swim in the promotion of sport and healthy lifestyle.

“Just don’t call me extreme. What I do is not an extreme sport. I don’t like risk, do not advocate in order to test the body strength ultimate loads. What I do is always planned and worked out on the exercise,” he told reporters.

The athlete believes that swim hard and exhausting. “I even took pleasure as he saw how beautiful our country is. Really upset the ecological situation. I’ve seen what is dumped in the Dnieper river, had often felt a very unpleasant smell. This is unacceptable,” – said the swimmer.

In turn, his coach Karen Abramov said that some areas were a serious challenge both for him and for Romanishin. Also, according to the coach, was not always possible to stop when the situation demanded.

“Michael swam every day for 10 hours, slept 6 hours, ate on a special schedule. And feeding schedule had to observe as clearly as possible, because this swim – a constant flow of energy in huge quantities. So Mikhail had to eat and in the water, as not always had the opportunity to go ashore: the machine could not drive or because of the terrain, or due to the fact that we were passing through the reserve, where the entry was forbidden,” said Abramov.

Romanishin added that the swim is the first stage of a larger project. Next year he plans to swim across the Black sea on the route Odessa-Istanbul.

Earlier in Lviv battalion of special police Sunday, April 14, set a national record of Ukraine. So, the police captain Zoreslav Kainskaya became the first participant of the half marathon and overcame a 21 km in a flak jacket. The achievements of the soldier was recorded by the representatives of the National registry of records of Ukraine.



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