Ukrainian tried to smuggle in Russia machine gun

Украинец пытался вывезти в Россию пулемет

Security forces collected the gun

The man hid all the details of the gun in different parts of the car and went through the “green corridor”.

In the Sumy region law enforcement officers prevented an attempt of illegal transfer across the border of Ukraine with Russia machine gun. About it reports regional management of the SFS on Thursday, December 13.

It is noted that the hidden weapon in one of the cars, which moved on leaving the Russian customs officers together with border guards and SBU discovered at the customs post Bachevsk 12 Dec.

“In the customs control zone drove the car, which was followed by a Ukrainian in the direction of departure from the territory of Ukraine. Form of passing the customs control zone chose the “green corridor”. During the detailed inspection of the Luggage compartment and the interior of the car was machine-gun weapons,” – stated in the message.

It is noted that all the components were placed in different parts of the car: the cylinder gas installation was hidden components to the tripod, the rear doors auto – pen machine gun under the floor Mat of the driver – boneset, under the bonnet, the legs to a tripod, in the front bumper – the body and the layout of the trunk.

The offender made the Protocol on violation of customs rules under article 483 (movement or actions aimed at movement of goods across the customs border with concealment from customs control) the Customs code of Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported that border guards detected citizen of Ukraine who tried to go to Russia with a million rubles in boots.

Also at the checkpoint shehyni at the Polish border detained the pole, which was carrying dual-use goods – parts for aircraft.

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