Ukrainian tyre manufacturer “dispersed” competitors

Украинский производитель шин "разогнал" конкурентов

Winter tire premiorri Scandinavian type with directional tread pattern has proven itself worthy of comparative tests carried out by the auto magazine “car center”

The bus took first place in the disciplines “braking properties” and “performance”. The test involved eleven models of tire popular size 205/55R16. Ukrainian premiorri is the only tyre in the post-Soviet space included in the examination. The test participants: Continental WinterContact TS860, Duplon 5 Winter Sport, Goodyear Ultra Grip 9, HP3 Kleber Krisalp, Michelin Alpin A5, Nokian Tyres WR D4, Petlas SnowMaster W651, Pirelli Winter SottoZero series 2, Taurus Winter 601, Sailun Ice Blazer WSL2.

According to the final estimates, premiorri better than the competition-test participants accelerates and stops on the ice and in the snow.

Украинский производитель шин "разогнал" конкурентов



The use in its production the latest technology and materials allows the tire to easily overcome the difficult sections of the winter roads and to deal effectively with snow porridge, Packed snow and icy roads. Braking distances on polished ice with a speed from 30 to 5 km/h made up 12.03 m. the stopping distance on a lightly Packed snow with 40 to 5 km/h – 14,43 m.

Украинский производитель шин "разогнал" конкурентов



In addition, premiorri was among the leaders on a very important measure of controllability in difficult winter conditions – transverse coupling properties on ice. Medium-the bus took fifth place, losing the premium tire world level Nokian Tyres, Continental, Goodyear and Kleber ahead with Sailun, Duplon, Taurus and Petlas.

Standard line of tires premiorri – 13 to 16 inches. Specialists of the company “ROSAVA” in the development of projects of winter tyres is always a priority the safety of drivers. Therefore, the maximum improving braking and grip, it is necessary to sacrifice a little noise and aquaplaning. It is a compromise solution, because the few winter drives the car with the Windows open and the water column.

A more modern design and improved tread compound rubber mixtures based on high-tech and eco-friendly materials has a new model of winter tyres premiorri Z Plus. For 2018 was introduced to the market a complete range of sizes from 15 to 18 inches.

To get more detailed test results, see “Test winter tires for mild winters in Central and Western Europe” magazine “Autocentre”, No. 19-20’2018.