Ukrainian woman, suspected of trafficking in children, were detained in Georgia

Украинку, подозреваемую в торговле детьми, снова задержали в Грузии

Ukrainian woman suspected of trafficking in children in Georgia

The woman was traveling by train from Baku to Tbilisi. Georgian law enforcement officers stopped the train, arrested the woman and took her away in an unknown direction.

Ukrainian woman Julia Suslak, which is suspected of trafficking in children, were detained by the Georgian police. It is reported by Rustavi 2 on Sunday, July 21.

Presumably the 36-year-old woman was arrested while returning from Baku to Tbilisi. Near the town of Gardabani officers stopped the train and took away the power of Suslak in an unknown direction.

It is clarified that the detention was at the direction of genprokurora Prosecutor’s office of Georgia Thea Giorgadze and Mariam Gogueliani. However, the Department involvement in the disappearance of Suslak deny.

The first woman was arrested in April, when it was heading from Ukraine to Georgia. She claimed that all 10 were with her and her children. But police became suspicious because some of the children were born in the same year.

Suslak was suspected of selling children in Abkhazia. Then it was discovered that she is indeed the mother of all children, some of which were conceived artificially. The children were transferred to Ukraine, and the woman was in a Georgian prison, while the materials of her case is not handed over to the Ukrainian side.

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