Ukrainian women’s basketball team missed the victory over Latvia

Украинские баскетболистки упустили победу над Латвией

Women’s team of Ukraine played their first match of preparation for the Eurobasket-2017.

Women’s national team of Ukraine lost in Riga-team Latvia in the first control match in preparation for the Eurobasket-2017.

In our team the match started, Udodenko, Enviable, moss, olkhovyk and Dorogobuzova. Ukraine immediately confidently took over, well attacking from behind the arc, scoring 6 out of 16 shots, while latviski did not get any of his seven shots from beyond the arc.

In the end the first quarter Ukrainka won by 7 points, then the game went according to our scenario and at the last break the team went with the advantage of Ukraine 11 points.

But in the last period our team went wrong the game in attack, while latviski won rebounds. 4 minutes before the final siren the score was leveled off at 60:60.

The ending also left for the national team of Latvia, who won the game 68:62.

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