Ukrainian women’s team in volleyball learned rivals for Euro 2017

Женская сборная Украины по волейболу узнала соперников по Евро-2017

Today in Azerbaijan was held the draw of European championship 2017 on volleyball among women’s teams.

Reports in the final stage of the championship of the continent, which will be held from 20 September to 1 October, will involve sixteen teams. Among them Italy, Belgium, Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria and Belarus, who took first place in the qualifying group, Russia, Holland, Serbia, Turkey and Germany, who were qualified in the previous European championship, Ukraine, Hungary and the Czech Republic, broke through the play-offs, and Azerbaijan with Georgia on the rights of the organizers of the 2017.

Group A (Baku, Azerbaijan): Azerbaijan, Germany, Poland, Hungary

Group (Tbilisi, Georgia): Georgia, Italy, Croatia, Belarus

Group (Baku): Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine

Group D (Goygol-Ganja): Serbia, Netherlands, Belgium, Cheata news on Women’s team of Ukraine in volleyball learned rivals for Euro 2017

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