Ukrainian writer called Bulgakov and Pushkin plagiarist

Украинский писатель назвал Булгакова и Пушкина плагиаторами

Yuriy Vynnychuk

Vinnichuk argues that Mikhail Bulgakov is a plagiarist, and his book the Master and Margarita filled with images and storylines that are copied from several novels and stories by other authors.

Ukrainian writer Yuri Vinnichuk accused the classics of Russian literature, Mikhail Bulgakov and Alexander Pushkin plagiarism. He wrote about this in his blog on the portal Zbruch.

According to the Vynnychuk, Bulgakov borrowed the images in his works of foreign classics.

“Man, well-read in world literature, it is easy to see all the secondary character of the novel the Master and Margarita why the French have to admire Bulgakov, if a lot of images and plot moves that borrowed from the novel by Pierre Mac Orlan Night Margarita, published in Moscow in 1927? The main heroes are Professor Georg Faust who sold his soul to the devil (mysterious Leon, who, of course, lame) and this has turned into a young man and red-haired beauty Margaret. Come to mind the Frenchman, a novel of Alexandre Dumas Joseph Balsamo,” notes Vinnichuk.

He also believes that the American reading Bulgakov, immediately remember a work by Mark TWAIN a Mysterious stranger. “The German reader will note the many allusions from the novel of Gustav Meyrink angel of the West window, and someone more well-read, is simply stunned by the amazing coincidence with the Adventures of an adventurer, Hugo von Habenicht classics of Hungarian literature Maura Yochai” – says Vinnichuk.

According to him, the French “do not perceive” the works of Alexander Pushkin, considering it “a common imitator of French poetry.” “A lot of the classic Pushkin’s poems, including, the Letter is a rehash of a French – sure Vinnichuk.

In turn, the publishing Options claims that Vinnichuk he borrowed in his book Secrets of Lviv coffee part of the work All about coffee Russian writer Nikolai Pecherov.

Украинский писатель назвал Булгакова и Пушкина плагиаторами



Note, Vinnichuk writes prose, poetry, works in translation, and compiling literary anthologies. Since 2004 he is Vice-President of the Association of Ukrainian writers.

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