Ukrainian writer threw small change at the cashier in Russian language

Украинская писательница швырнула мелочью в кассира за русский язык

Larissa Nicoll

Larissa Nicoll, who writes children’s books, scandal in the store and threatens him by the court.

Ukrainian children’s writer Larissa Nicoll threw small change at the cashier, who spoke to her in Russian. She wrote about this in Facebook.

According to her, in front of her sat a clerk-Intern, from which it is four times demanded to go into the national language service, but the cashier still spoke Russian.

“I raked the surrender and throw in the shop. “Woman, what are you doing?!” – yelp student,” shares details of his shopping children’s author.

According to Nicoll, in response to the apology other staff, she replied: “She (the cashier-trainee – ed.) will speak in Ukrainian only when she kills someone in the ATO, but first, pitch dark eyes, cut off fingers and respirat belly!”

Now the writer faces a trade network by the court.

Earlier Nicoll required to paint the Russian-language labels for children’s paintings, which the artist-volunteer Svetlana Rudikova adorned the walls Okhmatdet.