Ukrainian Yatsenko became the winner of the world championship on free-style wrestling

Украинец Яценко стал призером чемпионата мира по вольной борьбе

Lost in starting fight, Yatsenko reached the bronze final and won it.

Ukrainian freestyle wrestler Andriy Yatsenko won the bronze medal in the weight category 57 kg.

The Ukrainian started the world championship with the defeat of the American Thomas Patrick 2:5, but due to the fact that the wrestler from the United States eventually reached the final, Ukraine got a chance to compete in the consolation tournament.

There Yatsenko defeated the Irish Reza, Ahmadali Stringari 6-4, elmurat Noridian Safarov 12-2, and in the bronze fight won the Korean John hack Gina 12:2 and became the bronze medalist.

This medal was the second for the Ukraine national team at the world Championships after silver Yulia Tkach-Ostapchuk in the women’s tournament.

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