Ukrainians are dissatisfied with the police reform – poll

Украинцы недовольны реформой полиции - опрос

The majority of Ukrainians do not consider successful police reform – poll

Only 28 percent of respondents called it successful, and 65 percent no.

The majority of Ukrainians do not consider the police reform successful. This is evidenced by the data of poll of the sociological group Rating.

According to them, 65 percent of Ukrainians are dissatisfied with the reform of the police and only 28 percent called it a success.

The sociologists noted that the number of those who appreciates the direction of power decreased from the beginning of the year in half.

Most presencial ineffective decentralization of power: successful it was named by 22 percent of respondents saw no positive in this direction, 62 percent.

The survey was conducted during 8-18 December 2016 among the population of Ukraine aged 18 years and older. The sample is representative by age, sex, region and type of settlement. Surveyed 2 thousand respondents.

We will note, after months of work the new police force in 2015, almost half of Ukrainians believe the new patrol is more effective, while 19 percent of Ukrainians did not know about its implementation.

Earlier also, the Supreme Council of justice has published the findings of a survey according to which the majority of Ukrainians do not believe the judicial system.