Ukrainians are preparing to celebrate the day of the Cossacks and the day of defenders of Ukraine

Украинцы готовятся отметить день казачества и день защитников Украины

Every year more and more Ukrainians celebrate the day of the Cossacks and consider on October 14 the main male holiday of the country. Exactly the type of results reached by researchers firm Kantar ТNS who have studied the moods of Ukrainians on the eve of the day of the Cossacks.

It is not strange, according to the study, most men said that they do not expect special gifts. Most of them are happy extra day off and words of gratitude from women.

Украинцы готовятся отметить день казачества и день защитников Украины



Kazachka Happy Day Cossack, or why October 14?

The first official national holiday of the day of the Cossacks or of the day of defenders of Ukraine appeared in the calendar for October 2015. The date was chosen for a reason. The feast of the Intercession of the blessed virgin Mary, celebrated on 14 October, was the third most important (after Christmas and Easter), for the Ukrainian Cossacks. On this day, they spent Cossack Rada, which was elected the new head of the Cossack Republic and the leader. That is why, given that on 14 October occurred at the same time the two big holidays associated with military prowess, it was entirely logical to appoint the Day of defender of Ukraine on this date.

Украинцы готовятся отметить день казачества и день защитников Украины



The Cossack are in every

According to research company TNS, 95% of Ukrainians consider October 14 the festival, half of them associate it with the Cossacks. Despite the huge number of controversial issues, it was the Cossacks unified the people around a single idea – to achieve independence and to build their own state. From the very beginning of the Cossacks consisted solely of free people, who all his life was devoted to the protection of Ukraine from enemies. The main characteristic of the Cossacks can be called in the first place, democracy. All the Cossacks were considered equal, with equal rights and responsibilities. Today the traditions of the Cossacks continue to Ukrainian men, who courage not to take. Ukrainians continue to be defenders of their land, have an incredible strength of spirit and patriotism. They also love their land and don’t forget about the Cossack roots.

Украинцы готовятся отметить день казачества и день защитников Украины



What I want current Cossacks?

Unexpected discovery in the study, Kantar TNS is the fact that modern Ukrainian men do not expect loud celebrations and Grand gift to the day of defender of Ukraine. Only a third expressed a desire to devote a festive day, a hobby and the company of men. The majority agreed in opinion that will hold a celebration in the family, and will appreciate their words of gratitude and admiration from women. The Cossacks of the 21st century prefer a high estimation of their talents and skills to protect the family, although small material gifts will only reinforce this belief. Still, experts recommend to go from the standard gifts such as soap and toiletries and colognes. A nice addition would be a festive lunch or dinner with your favorite dishes. But still the main and expected this day – the words of pride that you are a real man.

Украинцы готовятся отметить день казачества и день защитников Украины



Also among the desired gifts, called spirits, in particular the brand of the Cossack Council, which is associated directly with a holiday. To celebrate men going without the extra noise – in family or love. In General, 75% of respondents considered the appearance of the festival of Ukrainian Cossacks.


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