Ukrainians are the leaders in NASA Space Apps Challenge 2016

Украинцы лидируют в NASA Space Apps Challenge 2016

Ukrainian “jumper” leads the viewers are NASA

Domestic inventors presented a draft of the Martian plane.

The Ukrainian team of inventors from Kyiv has developed a draft of the Martian plane MarsHopper, which is currently leading in the competition of spectator sympathies NASA Space Apps Challenge 2016, reports “Gromadske Radio”.

“MarsHopper is the plane to study the poles of Mars and the surrounding regions”, – noted Ukrainian inventors.

The NASA contest is international, and participate in it projects from different countries of the world. After the Ukrainians, the second place is the team from Macedonia with his project plane.

SpaceX is going to send a ship to Mars

It is reported that the Ukrainian aircraft flying uses for dry ice that covered the surface of the poles of the red planet. This ice is collected during the landings with a radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RITEG) and turns it into gas.

The rapid release of energy creates a jet thrust. The plane moves from landing to landing, moving “jumps”, for which he was called “jumper” (Hopper).

Earlier it was reported that the world’s largest Ukrainian transport plane made its first commercial flight.