Ukrainians are told who to blame for the war in the East

Украинцы рассказали, кого винят в войне на востоке

Journalists asked Ukrainians

On the streets of different cities of Ukraine were asked to answer the question: “Who is to blame for the war in the Donbass?”. Most came to the conclusion that the fault of all parties to the conflict.

Among the residents of different cities of Ukraine conducted a survey and asked to answer: “Who is to blame for the war in the Donbass?”. A survey conducted by journalists of a number of city sites.

So, in Mariupol, many were undecided and came to the conclusion that the war is to blame absolutely all parties to a greater or lesser extent.

In turn, in Kharkov, the consensus on this issue was not there. Some believed that the blame for the Ukrainian authorities, the other – a conflict occurred because of Russia. There was also a view that the war in the Donbass broke out solely because of local separatists, who “called the Russian troops”.

In the river many respondents are unable to answer questions. Some have laid responsibility on the Russian side in this conflict, and others on the reluctance of Ukrainian authorities to negotiate with the aim of resolving the conflict.

The interviewed residents of Krivoy Rog believe that the fault of Russia, but Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is not interested in ending the conflict.

In Mykolaiv residents are reluctant to talk to journalists. And those who agreed to answer shared opinion that the war occurred because of metallovedenie leadership of the countries. And to complete it, you need politicians to compromise. Other accused in the conflict of Russia and the local people who made it.

In Odessa people’s opinions were divided equally: some thought that the conflict is guilty of policy of Russia, others blame the Verkhovna Rada and the Ukrainian President. Many also sought in matters of trick, and did not want to answer.

Tellingly, respondents Lvov were all sure that the blame for the conflict in the Donbas exclusively Russian. Some residents searched for the causes of the conflict long before the outbreak of hostilities.

Earlier it was reported that such a survey was conducted among the residents of Zaporozhye.