Ukrainians are warned about hurricane-force winds

Украинцев предупреждают об ураганном ветре

In Ukraine is expected a hurricane

The country declared a storm warning.

In Ukraine on Friday, October 6, strong wind is expected, reports Ukrainian hydrometeorological center.

“For 6 October in the Northern and Central regions of the increasing speed of the wind 19-24 m/s, in the southern and Eastern areas of 15-20 m/s”, – is spoken in the message.

On the West and North, forecasters predict an increase in wind speed to 30 m/s.

Rescuers are advised not to leave the house, close the Windows and keep ready documents, candles, medicines and food, as well as to stock up on water for a few days.

On the street should not stand under trees, billboards or lines of the grid. Also not recommended to ride out the hurricane in the car.

That night the storm struck the Western regions of the country, have no electricity, 195 settlements.