Ukrainians at the plant in Poland forced to wear blue-and-yellow uniform

Украинцев на заводе в Польше заставляют носить сине-желтую форму

Employer accused of discrimination.

The company Lindab, in the suburbs of Warsaw, employees of Ukraine is obliged to wear a uniform in colors of the Ukrainian flag. This story was reported by Gazeta Stołeczna.

After this learned to Polish media, the company accused of discrimination.

Of segregation on a national basis to journalists was told by one of my clients who’s noticed that the employees have uniforms of different colors depending on the Department in which they work, but the Ukrainians are no exception, regardless of the land on which they operate, they are required to wear the blue and yellow colors.

“I couldn’t even imagine what is possible! Imagine that the poles be obliged to wear a red-and-white uniforms when they work in a factory overseas,” protested the client, whose words are given on condition of anonymity.

The head of the plant, Michal Wroblewski, denies the accusations. He explained that thus “marks” employees who do not speak Polish. We have all employees wear blue pants and various shirts. Mechanics green, foremen – red. It is a system of identification. And the yellow shirts of the Ukrainians indicate that they don’t speak Polish”, – he explained.

Meanwhile, experts in combating discrimination are confident that the actions of the employer are illegal. “This is a humiliating practice of segregation”, – quotes the edition of the representative of the Association Never again to Anna of the Tatars. The Association noted that the designation of Ukrainians has no functional content, and also creates a national division among the employees.

At the same time, the production supervisor said that such identification helps by Ukrainian employees.

The TVN notes that the national Inspectorate of labour has already sought to intervene in the situation.

Earlier, Poland claimed that the country passed 100 000 Ukrainian refugees.

Earlier it was reported that Polish citizenship for the year was 56 Ukrainians.

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