Ukrainians can win $448 million

Украинцы могут выиграть $448 млн

Wednesday October 13 will be a Grand lottery Powerball USA. After a series of accumulation the main prize of the lottery reached $448 million, which today is the largest lottery jackpot in the world.

Citizens of Ukraine, along with the US residents, can participate in the draw here.

“When jackpots reach such amounts, all begin to imagine how to change their lives in case of a win,” said Gordon Medenica, the representative of the National lottery.

Circulation Powerballпроходят on Wednesdays and Saturdays, jackpots often lead the top charts of the world’s largest lotteries and other prizes can make a fortune.

Of course, Americans love to buy lottery tickets. According to regular North American Association of lotteries, last year Americans spent more than $80 billion on lottery tickets. That’s more than Americans spend on movie theaters, video games, books, music and tickets to sporting events together.

Now, when the Powerball jackpot– USA reached $448 million, increasing the interest to participate in the legendary raffle.

Украинцы могут выиграть $448 млн

October, 2018 store in Philadelphia. Wishing to break the record jackpot lottery Mega Millions of $1.5 billion are waiting for their turn to buy the ticket for good luck.

According to the rules of the lottery of the United States, to participate in the circulation can not only US residents, but residents of other countries, including tourists, subject to the rules of acquisition and possession of a lottery ticket.

So, the rules state that non-residents could not enter the territory of the United States, as well as leaving her with a lottery ticket. However, the Ukrainians have the right to participate in lottery USA, provided that the ticket was purchased legally in the USA and not exported abroad.

Thus, the citizen of Ukraine can come to the US, buy a ticket and wait for the results circulation. Or to participate in the draw online using a proven lottery service theLotter.

How to play the lottery, USA online?

To participate in the Powerball lottery from Ukraine, need to buy official tickets online and select the five main numbers (1-69) and the ball “Powerball” (1-26). TheLotterзагружает scans purchased tickets in personal user accounts before the start of the circulation.

Everyone can participate, everyone can win

Украинцы могут выиграть $448 млн

Exclusive photos from the winner of $1 million on the site TheLotter. In September of this year, Natalia from Ukraine won $1 million in lottery USA

Winning a lottery prize through the website of TheLotter, the winner gets 100% of the amount won whether it is a small prize, or the prize of second or third category.