Ukrainians have a chance not to worry about the size of pensions

У украинцев появился шанс больше не беспокоиться о размере пенсии

The prize of the Mega Millions lottery has reached $548 million. After a series of accumulation the main prize of the lottery has reached $548 million, which today is the largest lottery jackpot in the world.

Note that the super-prize lottery Mega Millions USA rarely reaches such massive amounts, so most likely this Friday the jackpot will be disrupted.

Drawing will be held on Friday, October 12, at 23:00 est. To participate in the draw here.

Thanks to the first-ever lottery to participate in the drawing and everyone can, regardless of country of residence.

By the way, two popular lottery USA, Powerball and Mega Millions compete for massive prizes this week, the total amount of the jackpots of these two lotteries is more than $830 million. Many people purchase several tickets and one, and a second lottery, in the hope that one of them works.

“When jackpots reach such amounts, all begin to imagine how to change their lives in case of a win,” said Gordon Medenica, Director of Mega Millions.

Of course, Americans love to buy lottery tickets. According to regular North American Association of lotteries, last year Americans spent more than $80 million on lottery tickets. That’s more than Americans spend on movie theaters, video games, books, music and tickets to sporting events together.

Now, when the Mega Millions reached US $548 million, and growing interest to participate in the legendary raffle. According to some estimates, if the prize will not be disrupted on Friday, just a week he could reach a billion!

How to play American lottery online?

To participate in the draws of Mega Millions from Ukraine as well just as if you were in the US.

All you need to do is to buy the official tickets online and select the five main numbers (1-50) and two numbers “lucky star” (1-12).

У украинцев появился шанс больше не беспокоиться о размере пенсии

Exclusive photos from the winner of $1 million on the site TheLotter. In September last year, Natalia from Ukraine won $1 million in lottery USA

Five rooms have brought 23-year-old Natalia from Ukraine winning $1 million lottery USA Mega Millions. The girl guessed the five main numbers from the winning combinations of 1, 10, 57, 66 and 75 and became a prize winner of the second category.

Winning a lottery prize through the website of TheLotter, the winner gets 100% of the amount won whether it is a small prize, or the prize of second or third category.