Ukrainians have become more and more delicious to eat – gosstat

Украинцы стали больше и вкусней есть - Госстат

Civil service statistiki said the growth of welfare in Ukraine.

Ukrainians began to eat more imported cheeses, fish and fruit. About it writes Business capital, styluses on the SSSU.

So, this year the people of Ukraine ate 207 tysyas tons of imported frozen fish, which is 26, procenta more than last year. Import of more expensive fish fillets increased by 82 percent, and cancers by 1.5 times.

In addition, on the tables of Ukrainians began to return imported cheeses – the import growth was 32 percent. For the first time in three years began to grow, and imports of vegetables set of borsch.

Especially noticeable retreat of the crisis on the consumption of exotic fruits. So, thanks to a worldwide drop in the price of food and the removal of foreign exchange restrictions for importers, the consumption of bananas increased by 33 percent, pineapple with dates imported 66 percent more. The growth of imports of citrus fruit amounted to 26 percent.

The Ukrainians began to eat more sweet – import of sugar from cane has increased by 30 times, and Ukraine became a net importer of molasses – our own production was not enough.

Украинцы стали больше и вкусней есть - Госстат



Another indicator of wealth creation called the growth of wine consumption, imports of which have doubled to 47.5 tysyas tons. Tobacco products, despite the increase in the excise duty also increased.

State statistics predicts that food consumption of Ukrainians next year will grow to ten percent.

Among the reasons for the growth of well-being called – overcoming the banking crisis, the abolition of the NBU number of exchange restrictions, the logistics company was able to adapt to the loss of the Russian market, there was a resumption of the trade and Bank lending transactions.

In November it was reported that the government increased the consumption of some foods (cereals, meat, fruits), increased the number of individual items in the kits of non-food items (clothes, shoes) and reduced the time you use them.