Ukrainians have issued 5.6 million biometric passports

Украинцам уже выдали 5,6 млн биометрических паспортов

More than five million Ukrainians have biometric passports

The head of the migration service informed about the number of passports issued.

Ukrainians as of 19 October issued more than 5.6 million biometric passports. This was written by the head of the State migration service, Maxim Sokoluk in Facebook.

“Asked on the number of biometric passports for traveling abroad: from 01.01.2015 g. citizens of Ukraine have issued (LCA, SE, CPAS and the Ministry of foreign Affairs) 5 624 771″ – wrote, Sokoluk.

It was reported that settlers from the Donbass and Crimea for biometric passports must provide additional documents for identification.