Ukrainians in the NBA: too Lazy scored 20 points, Mikhailyuk played poorly in Miami

Украинцы в НБА: Лень набрал 20 очков, Михайлюк неудачно сыграл с Майами

Alex Laziness

Basketball players of different spent game day in the NBA.

In the match of the regular championship of NBA Atlanta house big beat Memphis (112:114). The match was attended by the Ukrainian Alexei Laziness, which managed to earn 20 points per game.

22 minutes and 55 seconds of game time the center managed to make 4 assists and 8 rebounds. Laziness hit 8 of 13 shots from the game. The Russian converted two of four free throws.

The utilization factor of the Ukrainian on the floor was +1 .

If Laziness played well, the performance of Svyatoslav Mikhailuk, like his whole team, can hardly be called successful. Detroit lost to Miami by more than 30 points – 74:108.

Mykhailiuk spent 5 minutes and 51 seconds. During this time he made a selection and performed one unsuccessful three-point shot.

Its usefulness amounted to -1.

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