Ukrainians in the past year bought more than 82 000 new cars

Украинцы за год купили более 82 000 новых авто

Ukrainians began to buy more cars

Often bought the car brands Toyota, Renault and Volkswagen.

For all of 2017, the Ukrainians have purchased 82 300 new passenger cars, or 25% more than in 2016. This was reported in Association Ukrautoprom.

As noted, in December was registered in Ukraine 9179 new cars. Compared with the December figure of 2016, the market of new passenger cars increased by 21%. As a result, December became the most fruitful month in the past year.

In 9 out of 12 months a leading position on the market of new passenger cars were held by the Japanese brand Toyota. In 2017 new cars Toyota issued 9696 registration numbers, which is 26% higher than a year earlier.

The second most popular brand in Ukraine, quite expectedly, was Renault. This French brand three times in the past year, led the ranking of brands in February, March and December. The result of Renault for the year – 8671 registered cars (+36% by 2016).

In third place is Volkswagen, the cars that chose 6525 motorist. With respect to the previous year, VW has increased by 30 percent.

The next popular brand among Ukrainians became Skoda – auto 5675 (+37%).

The top five leaders of KIA. Operators of this Korean brand has managed a 34% sales increase of KIA cars in Ukraine and finished the year with record 5320 cars sold.

We will remind, named the most popular cars in Europe in 2017 according to the international analytical company JATO Dynamics.