Ukrainians love with their ears. The equator of the presidential race

Украинцы любят ушами. Экватор президентской гонки

Presidential race in Ukraine exceeded the equator: sociologists surprise ratings, headquarters adjust the agitation and looking for allies. And Yes, are already making plans for the parliamentary campaign.


It’s been five years since the end of the Revolution of dignity, but the expectations of society, which was her driving force, and not fully implemented, says Valery Litvinski in No. 3 Magazine Correspondent. In the investigation of the death of hundreds of Heaven is also nothing to boast. It was never completed, the perpetrators are not named, no one is held accountable. There is only the dry figures of the volume of the considered video, of examinations and interrogations. And mutual accusations of law enforcement officers in the lack of effort and lofty statements by politicians that the sacrifices of the Heavenly hundred was not in vain.

Great guest

Headlining the anniversary of the revolution of dignity in 2019 became the President of the European Council Donald Tusk, who arrived in Kiev. Statement of the European official at a special meeting of the Verkhovna Rada, dedicated to the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, created a furor.

It poles who spoke Ukrainian, immediately dubbed historical. Indeed, it’s not every day you can hear one of the leaders of the European Union appeals to the Ukrainians in their language. And Tusk did not spare compliments. And a poem about the revolution of dignity have read, and about the feat of participants of the Euromaidan remembered, and about the heroism of the military, and even said that without Ukraine is not Europe.

“Only those who are in solidarity with Ukraine, has the right to be called European. Who is ready to sell Ukraine sells Europe’s future… Tell me what you think about Ukraine, and I know that you think about Europe!”, – sprinkled with big words Tusk to the accompaniment of endless applause, the Ukrainian deputies. Do the Ukrainians love with their ears, and the President of the European Council gratify the feelings of many.

Украинцы любят ушами. Экватор президентской гонки

Tusk in Parliament

However, apart from the words of Tusk in Kyiv did not bring anything. Although the issues from Ukraine to the EU is. For example, the sanctions for aggression against Ukraine in the Kerch channel. Or rather, their meager worthlessness – three months after the attack, Brussels, broke the only restrictions against a number of Russian military, the total number of which is even smaller than our captured sailors.

Or about the gas pipeline Nord stream-2 to bypass Ukraine, which Russia quietly continues to build. There are claims the Europeans to Ukraine, for example, the Association Agreement was only 42%. And in areas such as transport, taxes, customs and intellectual property, according to the Europeans, and even complete failure.

But the problems of cooperation Tusk publicly said nothing. You Europeans, what else do you need? Applause.

But it took the arrival of the dignitary for his election campaign President Petro Poroshenko. In the presence of Tusk, he signed a document on amendments to the Constitution, which proclaims Ukraine’s course of joining NATO and the EU. The gesture is also more symbolic than substantive, but as an important element of campaigning before the election Poroshenko. The President himself recognizes that NATO and the EU Ukraine is, no one is waiting, you need to work. But if re-elected, until the end of his second term – 2024 –promises to apply for membership in both associations.

Moreover, speaking in Parliament, the President also recalled 2008, when Ukraine was already in NATO, but due to disagreements within the country, according to Poroshenko, it never came. Although the problems were there, of course, not only in the inner squabbles. The President also remembered the national liberation movement of 1917-1921 years – another period of civil strife in Ukrainian history, which ended in defeat. And stressed that it is now impossible to make mistakes of previous years and need to unite.

About the need for unity and overcoming internal squabbling was said and Tusk, by the way. And around whom to unite, not around the President – that’s the idea, which persistently promotes Bankova during the election campaign. So Poroshenko quickly demonstrated unity government, inviting for a photo with the signed amendments to the Constitution, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman and Chairman of the Parliament Andrei Parubiy. Again applause.

Immediately after the speech in Parliament, the President flew to new York to remind the meeting of the UN General Assembly on Russian aggression. A house on Poroshenko runs the Union government – Groisman together with the government, reported on the readiness for the launch in March of monetization of subsidies. And about the next increase of pensions, to be exact – about their modernity.

She was confused

What are the main competitors Poroshenko? Vladimir Zelensky happy the next polls, which draw him a growing popularity and a small margin. Yulia Tymoshenko polls are not encouraging – it’s third, after Zelensky and Poroshenko, and the only of the three who demonstrates the fall.

The surveys are certainly entertaining, but there is a reason to pay attention not only to sociologists, but also on the bookmakers. There are people with money still at risk. So the bookies still think the favorite of the incumbent President and the second place is shared between Zelensky and Tymoshenko.

The head 95 of the Quarter continues tour of Ukrainian cities, this time also the campaign. And Dating experts that conduct an educational program in public administration and reaffirmed concerns about the incompetence of Thecandidate.

The leader of the Batkivshchyna party also meets voters in Ukraine, but, unlike Zelensky, do not forget about the foreign visits. Here, at the Munich conference on security was, even with the managing Director of the International monetary Fund Christine Lagarde talked. I wonder if you know whether Lagarde now the word “suborn”?

Zelensky, and Tymoshenko periodically accuse the authorities of putting pressure on yourself to power of the opposition candidates. Thecandidate, for example, believes that the new season of his series “a servant of the people”, which he actively uses in his election campaign, is part of the campaign. But social activists and observers say.

The series is really hard to call something other than a direct appeal to vote for Zelensky, but the attacks on him only consolidating and mobilizing its diehard voters. But do not forget that the sweet promises cinematic Zelensky – Basil Goloborodko, and actions Zelensky-real are two different things. Understanding that it’s not all.

But with every major interview, performance, discussion with the participation of Thecandidate will come. Even Vitali Klitschko,the former representative of the “new face in politics”, which is now called Zelensky directly criticized the comedian. Says that populism is a threat – “you don’t want the pilot consulted with you on how to maintain the aircraft”. But Zelensky continues to pretend that consults and opens the way to democracy, Ukrainians love with their ears. The main challenge is still the same – to bring all of their sympathizers to the polls and to defend the result.

Tymoshenko’s also a much more serious problem. While the ratings Zelensky and grow Poroshenko, Yulia Tymoshenko, only losing ground. It is the third and falls behind the incumbent. At the headquarters of Yulia Tymoshenko, while saying nothing to worry about, the growth Zelensky – temporary, on a wave of hype and at the polls, the Ukrainians will make a conscious choice.

Rather, it is attempting to keep a good mine at bad game. Obviously, the jump of Thecandidate suffers the most is Julia. Previously, it was considered any alternative Poroshenko and the main opposition, now there Zelenskiy, which is more suitable for this role, the protest electorate over to him.

Besides, Tymoshenko was confused with the message of the campaign. Sunset on the territory of the President of the Euro-Atlantic slogans failed flirtation with the young people too. It remains only gas and “zubon”, but Tymoshenko says so often that the phrase has turned into mA’am. And for memy unlikely to vote.

While the team of Yulia Tymoshenko continue to rely on the criticism of Poroshenko, talk about the threat of fraud and bribery, and all other deadly sins. And not notice the threat from Zelenskiy, which is biting off from the rating of Tymoshenko one percent for others.

Украинцы любят ушами. Экватор президентской гонки


The last crusade, which gathered all the forces, coming to a natural end? It is not excluded. But in Yulia Tymoshenko’s strong cards – wide field network, extensive grass-roots party organizations, their people in election commissions and substantial financial resources. In this up to her unless the current President.

Without EuroBLECH, but with the liberals

While the leaders are cut for the finals, Oleg Lyashko is attacking in court the acting Minister of health Ulyana Suprun. Thanks to the efforts of the government, the court does not interfere with the work of the acting Minister, but the suit against her, in fact, hasn’t even started yet. Therefore, we can assume that until the elections, this issue will remain in sight and hearing.

Moreover, it should be the same Lyashko and his radicals to do something, somehow to be accountable to sponsors for the spent campaign money. After all, chances are even in the top five he’s not really a lot.

In the liberal opposition only stable one process – permanent swelling and lack of ability to unite. And to already existing in this field, Samopomich and Andriy Sadovy, the Civil position Anatoly Gritsenko’s added a few more forces. Part of young politicians from a number of Euro-optimists created a social-political movement “Move with us” and start preparing for parliamentary elections.

Another part the liberal community is rallying around Deputy Minister of economic development and trade Maxim Nefyodov and the Deputy of the Kiev city Council Sergey gusovsky. This group has already held two forums – “People are important”(in December) and “Time important”(18 February). The working title of a new political force – the “Ukrainian team”. Who is going to join her, not yet clear, but among the headliners of the forum was seen Suprun, which has now become almost a main character reforms in the country, as well as counselor of the mayor of river Aniika Measure. Preparing for parliamentary elections. The reference point is the same – middle class, the creative, entrepreneurial, and intellectuals.

Not too much different political forces for a limited stratum of voters?

However, new projects in Ukraine as quickly appear quickly and fade. Just a few months ago in the country seriously discussed the prospects for a political force that will rise from the movement of vehicles in the European rooms.

Euroshare looked very organized and motivated group that have not seen in the country. Blocked streets, staged a mass rally, declared clear for society slogans. But as soon as they forced MPs to do the will of the taxpayers to adopt a new law on preferential customs clearance “EuroBLECH”, eurobserv the movement came to naught.

On February 22 ended the grace period of customs clearance of cars on avtonomera – cleared more than 200 thousand cars, and revenues even exceeded expectations of the government. The Cabinet had hoped to capitalize on this to 10 billion hryvnia, and as of February 18, has already received 11 billion. All, the economic base of the movement melted away like spring snow.