Ukrainians owed to banks almost 200 billion

Украинцы задолжали банкам почти 200 миллиардов

The Ukrainians owe the Bank more than 197 billion

During the year the public debt to banking institutions increased by a billion dollars. At the same time growing and deposits.

At the end of September, household debt to commercial banks totalled 197,4 billion. This was reported on the website of the National Bank.

Thus, over the past year the arrears increased by UAH 27.2 bn.

According to the NBU in national currency Ukrainians owed to banks 127.4 billion UAH, in foreign currency – 70,0 billion.

In September deposits in Ukrainian banks increased by UAH 10.5 billion to 506,7 billion.

Note that in September the population of Ukraine has significantly reduced the volume of sales and purchases of foreign currency in the cash market. While net sales of foreign currency by the population since the beginning of the year exceeded the purchase of more than $1.5 billion.


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