Ukrainians recommended to cross the border of Belarus and the Russian Federation only on planes

Украинцам рекомендуют пересекать границу Беларуси и РФ только на самолетах

The Embassy made recommendations to the Ukrainians on how to get to Belarus.

Embassy of Ukraine in Belarus recommends Ukrainian citizens to cross the Belarusian-Russian border only by air transport.

“Russia, citing the lack of checkpoints across the Russian-Ukrainian state border, prohibited its crossing of third country nationals, except for citizens of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, including members of the diplomatic and administrative-technical personnel of diplomatic missions, consular posts and representative offices of international organizations”, – noted in the Embassy.

According to the foreign Ministry of Belarus, given the fact that between Russia and Belarus do not exist the agreements about border crossings, the decision on the establishment of checkpoints on the Belarusian-Russian section of the state boundary were not accepted, the control on the state border the Border service of the Republic of Belarus is not made.

Earlier, the head of the Estonian defense Forces Riho Terras said that Russia is planning military action against Belarus, if the political situation there will change.