Ukrainians spend on food more than half of the income

Украинцы тратят на продукты больше половины дохода

Ukrainians spend a lot of money on products

The state statistics service released data of the next quarterly household survey.

Households of Ukraine in the second quarter of 2018 spent on groceries and eating out of 52.9% of their costs. According to the State statistics service, citing data from the sample survey of household living conditions Wednesday, November 14.

According to authorities, 22.7% of the costs of Ukrainians went to non-food goods, and 13.8% for services (including utility services), and 2.9% in private farms, by 7.7% – other expenses.

Украинцы тратят на продукты больше половины дохода

Infographics Of The State Statistics

State statistics conducts a sample survey of population (households) in 2004. The amount of annual sampling in 2014-2018 – 13029 households. The sample size in 2018 with the exception of the number of households who live in the temporarily occupied territories of Crimea and Donbass, is 12228 households.

Earlier, the state statistics service reported that most of the money – 50,3% – Ukrainians spend on food and eating out. In the cities to food spending more than in villages, but in villages the-food expenditure items are more than the citizens living in the cities.

It also became known that Ukraine has increased the level of poverty. By the end of 2017, it increased to 27%.

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