Ukrainians told, what do you expect from Zelensky

Украинцы рассказали, что ждут от Зеленского

Residents of Ukraine called first steps that you would expect from a newly elected head of state. Is the removal of immunity of deputies, judges and the President.

A leader among first steps by the newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky was the lifting of immunity of deputies, judges and the President. This is evidenced by the results of a joint survey of the Social monitoring centre, Ukrainian Institute for social research. Yaremenko, and by the Sociological group Rating.

“One of the key expectations and disappointments of the revolution of dignity was a change of power, so it seems quite logical that a leader among the first steps of the President of Ukraine was the lifting of immunity of deputies, judges, the President, said that 53.7% of respondents,” – said in the message.

The steps associated with a solution to the conflict in the East and its aftermath, took second and third places.

In particular, to enter into direct negotiations in the quadrangle “Ukraine – Russia – the so-called “DNR” so – called “LNR” “of the ceasefire and the return of Donbass – 40.9% and the return of Ukrainian prisoners of war and detained persons” – 38,4%.

38.1 per cent see among the first steps necessary “to Initiate the dissolution of the current composition of the Verkhovna Rada and hold early parliamentary elections.”

One third (33.7 per cent) said “to Ensure the stability of the national currency and banking system.”

At the same time, less than a quarter of voters (22.3 per cent) give the newly elected President of Ukraine not more than 100 days, and another quarter (26.2 percent) is six months, after which it will become clear he coped or not with the leadership of the country. The period of a year to give 35.5 percent.

“So, the newly elected President of Ukraine voters give no more than a year to understand – did he cope with the country’s leadership. Data show that more than 80% of the maximum in a year will determine their attitude to the President of Ukraine, based on actions and results according to their expectations,” say the sociologists.

The survey was conducted from April 30 to may 10, 2019 in 24 regions of Ukraine and Kiev. We surveyed a total of 3,000 respondents. Method of data collection: individual interviews “face to face” at the place of residence of the 1500 respondents using paper questionnaires and 1500 with the use of questionnaires on the tablet. Standard deviations at reliable 95 percent and ratio of variables from 0,1: 0,9 to 0,5: 0,5 be 1.10 – 1.83 percent.

Earlier it was reported that the Parliament appointed the inauguration of the newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky on Monday, may 20.

From Zelensky commented on the inauguration date


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