Ukrainians urged to be vaccinated against diphtheria

Украинцев призывают вакцинироваться от дифтерии

The Ministry of health recommends vaccination of children and revaccination of adults against diphtheria because of the risk of the disease and the low level of vaccination in the country.

The Ministry of health of Ukraine urges the vaccination of children against diphtheria and revaccination of adults. The relevant recommendations of the Agency given in connection with the danger of the disease and low level of vaccination in the country.

According to him, as of 1 January 2018 in the country were available 2.7 million doses of vaccine DTP, 700 thousand doses of vaccine ADS and 6.1 million doses of TD. In this case, for 11 months of 2017 all three doses of DPT vaccine received 45.4% of children under the age of 18 months. At the same time, 38.7% of adults received the vaccine TD.

The Ministry of health reported that there are now in the presence of 900 doses of diphtheria serum, a treatment for the disease.

“Diphtheria is dangerous because without the immediate introduction of the serum, about 50% of patients can die, even with the serum the risk of death to 20%. The only way to protect against diphtheria and to prevent the development of dangerous complications, vaccination of children and revaccination of adults every 10 years”, – stated in the message.

Recently, the famous pediatrician Dr. Komorowski stated that after the measles outbreak, Ukraine could face diphtheria.

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