Ukrainians voted for a new name Ukrainian cognac

Украинцы проголосовали за новое название коньяка Украины

Ukrainians had to choose a new name for the cognac of Ukraine.

The winner was the Ukrainian variant of brandy. In second place is amber, and the third – Geister

The results of the survey regarding the new name of Ukrainian cognac. The leader is the name of the Ukrainian brandy. On Monday, January 14, the press service of the draft of the Geographical indication in Ukraine, which conducted the study.

So, according to the results, a quarter of respondents (25.6 per cent) want the cognac in Ukraine was known as the Ukrainian brandy or Brandy of Ukraine.

On the second place – called Burshtyn/Bursting/Bursting (9.4 per cent). The third – Geister (8.5 per cent).

Further, the list looks like this: Chanok (7,9%), Dubovik/Dubner (7,2%), Brunat (5,3%), Cannock (4,5%), Krnjak/Ukranian (4.3%), Sonador/Sundaram/Winder (3,3%), Brevis (3%).

It is noted that all other options received less than three percent of the votes. Of the vote, the project received 16 thousand answers and “ten suggestions.”

However, the result of the vote does not guarantee that the cognac of Ukraine will receive a new name Ukrainian brandy. In late January, the Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine plans a meeting with the producers of cognac Ukraine to discuss the new name of this product. The meeting will present the results of this survey.

Украинцы проголосовали за новое название коньяка Украины


Recall that in accordance with the Association Agreement with the EU, Ukraine pledged to 2026 to abandon the use of the protected geographical indication “cognac” for the product of domestic production. Instead of the term “cognac of Ukraine” will be used another name.

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