Ukrainians waiting for a rainy weekend

Украинцев ждут дождливые выходные

In Kiev on Saturday are expected to be periodic rain

As of July 31, Ukraine will return to heat.

In Ukraine next weekend, July 29-30, in most areas will be rain, but the West is cleared from the clouds and rain – there will be mostly Sunny. This was reported by the forecaster Natalia Didenko on his page in Facebook on Friday, July 28.

“The main news for the East and South of the country – there tomorrow the heat will be weakened, for uncharitable to +35…37°C is already too much even for a continental climate,” wrote Didenko.

According to her, the temperature in Ukraine on Saturday will be +22…27°C in the South and the East will be +24…29°C.

Sunday almost everywhere is dry and Sunny, only in the East still remain local rains.

In Kiev on Saturday are expected to be periodic rain, the temperature will range within +21…24°C. But on Sunday in the capital will be a “perfect weather with sun and a temperature of +24…27°C”.

Украинцев ждут дождливые выходные



“Monday and Tuesday in Ukraine comes the intense heat,” – said the forecaster.

Украинцев ждут дождливые выходные



Recall from 22 to 23 July Kiev survived through the warm night for 137 years of meteorological observations in the capital.