Ukrainians waiting for a rainy weekend

Украинцев ждут дождливые выходные

The heat will be back only on 14th and 15th June.

Through Ukraine is now undergoing a cold atmospheric front, which causes gusty winds and reduced temperature. This was reported by the forecaster Natalia Didenko, reports espresso. TV.

According to her, 14-15 June, Ukraine will remain cool weather is a little warmer. But on Saturday, June 17, will be back in the rain and cold.

Украинцев ждут дождливые выходные



“In the Northern regions and in the center on June 14-15, the temperature will be +18…22°C will be warmer in the South to +22…26°C. Rain is likely in Northern Ukraine, on the territory – no precipitation, partly cloudy,” – said Didenko.

Украинцев ждут дождливые выходные



According to her, on June 14-15 will be a gusty wind, sometimes very strong. “If the temperature is 20 degrees, when the wind is strong to give the impression that the street is not more than 15 degrees Celsius,” – said Didenko.

Recall that the cold has come to Ukraine from the 13th of June.