Ukrainians warned about cyber attacks from 13 to 17 October

Украинцев предупредили о кибератаках 13-17 октября

A cyber attack can be similar to the virus Petya.

In Ukraine from 13 to 17 October can occur more cyber attacks on Ukrainian information resources. It is reported by the response team computer emergency events in Ukraine CERT-UA State service of special communication and information protection.

“There is a possibility that certain features of cyber attacks may coincide with the corresponding signs of the harmful effects of computer virus Petya-A, which attacked the information resources of a number of countries, starting from 26 June 2017”, – stated in the message.

In the civil service are asking the owners of information and telecommunication systems, and other resources that ordinary Internet users to comply with cyber security.

Earlier, the SBU warned that Ukraine is preparing a new large-scale cyber attacks on government agencies and private companies.

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