Ukrainians warned about the worsening weather

Украинцев предупредили об ухудшении погоды

On bolshej parts of territory of Ukraine in the coming days are expected severe weather conditions, namely snow, blizzards, frost, wind.

The weather for most part of the territory of Ukraine in the coming days will determine the active atmospheric fronts, which will lead to difficult weather conditions. On Saturday, March 17, reports Reuters, writes Interfax-Ukraine.

For example, in Ukraine except Northern regions, snow is expected. In the southern part – with rain, blizzards. In the Carpathians are predicting very heavy snow.

In the Northern areas of the night light rain, afternoon heavy rain, sporadic winds of 15-18 m/s.

On roads ice. Night temperature 9-14 ° frost, in the North of the left Bank of 15-17 degrees during the day 6-11 degrees below zero. In the southern part and sometimes at night in Transcarpathia is expected to 1-6 degrees Celsius, and around 0 degrees. On the shores of seas and in the sea of Azov places of 2-4 degrees Celsius. In the Crimea, at night 5-10 degrees Celsius in the daytime, 13-18 degrees.

In Kyiv on Sunday night will be light snow, rain. Night temperature of 10-12 degrees, 8-10 degrees below zero.

According to the Central geophysical Observatory in Kiev on 18 March, the highest day temperature was +20,8 in 2012, the lowest -18,7 night in 1898.

In Ukraine in the night of Monday, March 19, there will be snow, blizzards, snow drifts. In the sea of Azov sleet, ice. In the Central, Kharkov, Odessa and Mykolaiv areas of heavy snow. A day in the Eastern and most Northern regions also predict snow for the rest of the rain.

Night temperature 9-14 ° frost, in the North of the left Bank to 16 degrees below zero. On the coast of 2-7 degrees of a frost. Day in most areas, 3-8 degrees of frost in the South, Donetsk, Luhansk regions and in Transcarpathia from 2 degrees Celsius to 3 degrees Celsius.

In Kiev on March 19, the night is expected to moderate snow during the day. Black ice on the roads. Wind North-Eastern 7-12 m/s. night Temperature of 10-12 degrees, 5-7 degrees below zero.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in Ukraine from 17 to 19 March as a result of the influence of active cyclones are expected severe weather conditions – heavy snow, blizzards, places ice, sleet sticking.

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