Ukrainians warned of a party of counterfeit banknotes

Украинцев предупредили о партии фальшивых банкнот

The NBU has warned the party of counterfeit money

The fake bills resemble a banknote face value of 500 hryvnia 2006. The national Bank urged citizens to check the authenticity of banknotes.

In August of 2019 rock year recorded an increase in the number of fake banknotes of 500 hryvnia, which were withdrawn from circulation. On Friday, August 23, reported the press service of the NBU.

It is noted that the counterfeit banknote was issued in 2006 year produced inkjet printing with simulated UV protection.

We are talking about the removal of about 60 bills, which are sold in the offices of filling stations in various regions (Kyiv city and Kyiv, Zakarpattia, Volyn, Cherkasy, Zhytomyr region).

According to the NBU, being visual and tactile control of the security elements of the banknote without the use of special detectors for verifying the authenticity of banknotes in ultraviolet and infrared light, such counterfeiting can represent a potential hazard.

In this regard, national Bank urges citizens, as well as of Bank cashiers and employees of the business establishments do not forget about the main elements of protection of banknotes of hryvnia and how to authenticate them.

We will remind, in July in Kiev, arrested a gang of counterfeiters. They seized nearly a million counterfeit euros.

Earlier in Kiev the dollar traded half a million fake hryvnia, which were printed out on the printer.

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