Ukrainians warned of the approach of the peak of the flu epidemic

Украинцев предупредили о приближении пика эпидемии гриппа

In the coming days it is expected a significant increase in the incidence, which by the end of the month will reach its peak.

The sharp increase in the incidence of influenza and SARS will start from the second half of January. On Monday, 14 January, said head of the Department of viral infections, Institute of epidemiology and infectious diseases named gromashevskiy Alla Mironenko in interview to the newspaper Facts.

According to her, a sharp rise of influenza and SARS begins when children and youth will study, that is, since the second half of January.

“The peak of the epidemic is expected by the end of this month and in February,” said Mironenko.

Today it became known that the schools of Odessa and Lutsk closed on week quarantine. And last week because of the flu quarantine in educational and medical institutions introduced in Chernigov.

Earlier also it was reported that epidporog of influenza and SARS exceeded in eight regions.

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