Ukrainians will pay for the nationalization of PrivatBank 5-7 thousand – Klimenko

Украинцы заплатят за национализацию ПриватБанка по 5-7 тысяч – Клименко

A high probability that all of the assets Kolomoisky will become the property of the state, the politician believes.

“Profit” the shareholders of PrivatBank are 4-5 billion dollars, which is about 5-7 thousand hryvnia, which went to every Ukrainian. This opinion was expressed by the leader of the party “uspishna Kraina” Alexander Klimenko.

“And we will sooner or later pay the money in taxes, excise duties, or simply due to the inflationary effect,” he said.

Some assets are “hung” on the Bank Kolomoisky, is interesting for the President and his entourage, said Klimenko. This UIA, and Bukovel, and even the TV channel “1+1”. High probability that assets will become the property of the state.

“We were told only: everything is OK, will pay the state the price is 148 billion (5.6 billion dollars for the course). And this is the money belonging to the Ukrainians – they could spend for the construction of roads, insulation of houses,” – said the leader of the “Uspsa country”.

The risk of nationalization, says Klimenko, in the fact that the Bank will leave the business. “A number of software products – “Приват48”, or P2P lending (when a person gives a loan to the legal person or other natural persons, using the Bank as an intermediary) are so profitable that they are “hanging” up to 80% of enterprise systems. Will they remain, knowing that each transaction can “under the microscope” monitor at GFS? And that after six months or a year, when the turn comes to their business, will be additionally accrued tax payments – and that this can happen, no doubt? The big question,” said the politician.

In his opinion, reflected the privatization and micro-businesses, because the Bank has undergone a huge amount of electronic payments for goods and services, settlements, disbursement.

“Whether in a crisis: put the details received payment, and do not need to keep records, know yourself, pay a single tax. Now they will also be under the microscope of tax authorities and the Ministry of Finance, which may at any time to pull each “count” to the desired amount and touch, the single tax,” adds Klimenko.

Recall, the NBU has promised that in the period of nationalization of the system Internet-banking Privat 24, as well as other services PrivatBank will work in a usual mode.

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