Ukrainians with Christmas together with the President will congratulate pikkardiyska Tertsiya

Украинцев с Рождеством вместе с президентом поздравит Пиккардийская Терция

Pikkardiyska Tertsiya will sing at Christmas

Family Poroshenko will be among the parishioners.

On Christmas day, Ukrainians, together with the President of Petro Poroshenko to congratulate famous vocal formation pikkardiyska Tertsiya. About it the Correspondent. net said a source from the presidential Administration

“Congratulations are recorded on the territory of the Golden-domed St. Michael’s Cathedral. One of the most famous Christmas carols have been translated into different languages, will perform a vocal formation pikkardiyska Tertsiya”, – told us the source.

Family Poroshenko will be among the parishioners. Only when it is recorded welcoming speech, President will take a little to the side to get away from the noise.

“Everything will be very family and solemnly in one of the best cathedrals in Ukraine”, – said our interlocutor.

Date and time of recording are not disclosed.

We will remind, during Christmas of 2017 family Petro Poroshenko has congratulated Ukrainians from his house in Kozin. During the greeting Poroshenko together with one of the daughters played the piano Shchedryk.

We also recall, Poroshenko has congratulated Ukrainians on Christmas, which for the first time this year will be officially celebrated in Ukraine.