Ukrainka lost the medals of the Universiade due to the negligence of the head of the team

Украинки лишились медали Универсиады из-за халатности начальника команды

Olga Bibik

Elena Grishchenko simply forgot to change the team.

Scandalous situation in the Ukraine national team in athletics occurred at the Universiade in Taipei, where our team were missing the medals.

In the final relay 4×400 metres Alain Kolesnichenko, Anastasia Bryzgina, Olga Bibik and Tatiana Miller came out with the best qualifying – 3.31,76. But before the start of the decisive race Kolesnichenko was injured and was replaced by Katherine Klimuk. In the end, our Quartet finished second, behind team Poland.

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As it turned out, our coaching staff made a change in the composition of the four too late, thus violating the rule 170.11. Accordingly, after the race the result of our girls was cancelled.

After a while one of the women, Olga Bibik, all told, what is the reason and who is to blame for the incident.

According to her, the head of the team, Grishchenko Elena Ivanovna ,who had come in the morning and perezalit team, just forgot to do it.

“She arrived an hour before the start, went to the stadium to watch the competitions in jumping height. The auxiliary was listed Koba Joyce, which does not go to the Universiade,” wrote Bibik.

Украинки лишились медали Универсиады из-за халатности начальника команды

According to the materials: