Ukrainka Semkiv and weaver earned two medals at the European championship on female wrestling

Украинки Семкив и Ткач добыли две медали на ЧЕ по женской борьбе

Ilona Semkiv

On the first day of competitions of the European championship on wrestling in the Serbian city of Novi Sad Ukrainka twice stood on the podium to be awarded.

Ukrainka Ilona Semkiv and Yulia Tkach has won silver and bronze medals respectively at the European Championships in female wrestling, passing in Serbia.

In the final bout of the category to 48 kg Semkiv lost to Marina Stadnik – former Ukrainian, who took Azerbaijani citizenship.

Note that on the way to the final Ukrainka defeated Catarina Baumgartner (Germany), Fredrik Petersson (Sweden) and Milan Dadasheva (Russia).

In the bronze final (64 kg) Ukrainian Yulia Tkach won the representative of Russia Inna Trjukovoe. It should be noted that during the meeting, the Ukrainian lost 0:7, but managed to win an early victory after holding submission holds.

Previously silver medalist at the Olympic games in London in freestyle wrestling Valery andreytsov told what to expect from the Ukrainian team at the European championship in Serbia.

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