Ukravtodor: Money for road repairs in 2017 no

Укравтодор: Денег на ремонт дорог в 2017 году нет

in Ukraine, the destroyed and dangerous almost all the roads

The organization needs at least 40 billion hryvnia.

The development and maintenance of Ukrainian roads in 2017 need a minimum of $ 40 billion. At the same time, the draft state budget for next year for these purposes there will be approximately 6.6 billion hryvnia, the press service of Ukravtodor.

“Given that next year Ukravtodor must repay 7.3 billion of the debt the state plans to allocate for repair of the Ukrainian roads about 6.6 billion hryvnia,” – said in the message.

The head of the Agency Slawomir Nowak said that the draft state budget for 2017 is still being revised and have the opportunity to influence its final version. However, he noted that if the Road Fund will work as promised, and in 2018, the Ukravtodor will get at least 25 billion hryvnia, Ukravtodor will be able to start a complete overhaul of roads.

Recall, 17 November the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the law on establishment of the State road Fund to Finance the repair and construction of roads in the country.

Earlier, the Minister of infrastructure Volodymyr Omelian announced that Ukraine and the threat destroyed almost all roads, but the state now can only afford repair of the destroyed roads.

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