Ukrbud opened LCD Aristocrat

Укрбуд открыл ЖК Аристократ

Construction Corporation “ukrbud” officially opened the residential complex “Aristocrat” built on the street., 34 in the Pechersk district of Kiev.

For the settlers organized a Grand event with live entertainment. Guests were welcomed by the actors, mimes and colorful photo zone, music and the festive mood has been provided by honoured artist of Ukraine, “Golden saxophone” Igor Rudy.

Many classes came up with and for the youngest residents. On the Playground the artists worked-aquaglory the fountains bubble. Kids were entertained by fairy tale characters, played out gifts.

With the opening of the complex residents “Aristocrat” congratulated the President of the Corporation “ukrbud” Alexander Latamber, who wished new settlers happiness and prosperity.

Along with the apartment complex also opened a beauty salon “Autograph”, which was held fashion show.

LCD “Aristocrat” in the capital of the district is a 24-storey two-section house of the business class with all the benefits of living in the Central part of the city. Located near shopping centers, restaurants and business centers. The house is built using ceramic red brick ventilated facade is faced with ceramic granite. Among the features of the residential complex is a private two-level underground Parking with mechanical lifts and multifunctional children’s mini-town in the yard. In addition, for illuminating the local area uses solar panels.