“Ukrbud” will update the appearance of their new buildings

"Укрбуд" обновит внешний вид своих новостроек

To the restyling of the facades connected company, worked on major Metropolitan business centers and infrastructure facilities.

Recently construction Corporation “ukrbud” conducted a public opinion poll among the residents of their homes, which the settlers appreciated the quality work of the developer and the management company, and expressed their wishes to improve the built complexes and new projects developer. One of the most popular proposals was the revision of the external appearance of some buildings and decoration of the common areas.

The resulting “Ukrbud” it was decided on the restyling of the facades of complexes, which will be commissioned in the future – that they were not only functional and energy efficient, but also received more recognizable and original style, which would meet modern world standards. This helps the developer capital group of companies AVG since 2007, specializing in architectural design and design living space. Among its projects the development of the exteriors of shopping and business centers, residential complexes, offices of the largest Ukrainian and international companies – a total of more than a hundred industrial, residential and public facilities.

We often hear words of Kiev about the fact that the city is filled with “faceless skyscrapers”. And at the same time we see the positive reactions of the residents of our complexes, when the facade really stands out among the neighboring buildings, when it’s recognizable and has a unique style, – says General Director of the company “ukrbud development” Oleg Mayboroda. – Today housing requirements is quite not the same as ten or twenty years ago. And along with the quality of construction important to residents and the original appearance of the house and landscaping the surrounding area. So we want to get a fresh perspective on these questions. To our investors got the best solution.

"Укрбуд" обновит внешний вид своих новостроек



Several professional companies long operating in the market of residential construction, responsible for the design of common areas – entrances in the stairwells, lobbies, corridors, landings, etc. Their appearance specialists renowned workshop Design Workshop design Sorokina and company “Krentel” has implemented over 450 projects in Ukraine and abroad. And to see their vision of the interior decoration of houses “Ukrbud” is not only pretty pictures, but in person to demo the floors, which will appear in all complexes under construction Builder. The first of these floors has recently opened in the residential complex “Kharkiv” in Darnitsky district of Kiev, and in the coming weeks you can see them in several houses “Ukrbud”.