Ukroboronprom experienced two new samples of weapons

Укроборонпром испытал два новых образца оружия

New weapons already submitted ??Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Alexander Turchinov

Presents a new flamethrower, grenades and explosives.

The state concern Ukroboronprom announced the development and successful testing of a new thermobaric weapons – the flamethrower and grenades. The relevant information is posted on the website of the group on Friday, July 28.

Note, thermobaric weapons destroys the enemy by creating the explosion of high temperature pulse, which is accompanied by a sharp pressure drop. In common parlance they are called ammunition of volume explosion.

It is specified that infantry flame-thrower RPO-16 developed by research Institute of Chemical products, and RGO grenades-27C and RGT-27С2 on Hospederia MF Artem.

A new weapon has already been submitted to the Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Alexander Turchinov on Goncharovskiy landfill the Armed forces of Ukraine.

“The landfill was checked the efficiency of Ukrainian ammunition of volume explosion. Which, practically, today no on the front. Very well-proven handheld rocket flamethrower RPO-16”, – said Turchinov, commenting on the test.

It is reported that infantry flame-thrower RPO-16 is equipped with a rocket-propelled grenade with a special thermobaric mixture.

“It is a portable weapon that can destroy the enemy even for powerful cover. Pomegranate RPA-16 93 mm equivalent caliber artillery projectile large caliber”, – stated in the message.

According to Ukroboronprom, RGO grenades-27C and RGT-27С2 weighing up to 600 grams create two seconds of fire cloud volume of not less than 13 cubic meters, in which the temperature reaches 2500 degrees.

“This temperature allows to destroy not only manpower, but also disabling light armored vehicles”, – says the press service of the concern.

Earlier it was reported that Ukroboronprom has carried out testing the combat module with the new type of equipment for Russian armored vehicles to launch missiles RS-80. To test the new combat module was involved in the Fantom-2.

Before Ukroboronprom experienced party updated ACS.

Ukroboronprom has risen in the ranking of arms manufacturers