Ukroboronprom has risen in the ranking of arms manufacturers

Укроборонпром поднялся в рейтинге производителей оружия

The Ukrainian concern has occupied 62-e a place, having risen on six positions.

The Ukrainian state concern Ukroboronprom took 62 th place in the ranking of world arms manufacturers under the version of the specialized publication DefenseNews. According to the publication, in 2016, the annual income of the group amounted to 1,075 billion, and in 2015 – 920 million dollars.

Last year Ukroboronprom took 68th place in 2015, was in ‘ 92, and in 2014 were not in the top 100.

First place in the rankings last year, is the American company Lockheed Martin and Boeing and British BAE Systems.

The list DefenseNews 42 American companies, 10 British, eight Japanese, Russian six. The data for the top 100 come from DefenseNews defense news that the portal requests from the companies and from annual reports of companies, analysts and research staff DefenseNews.

Note, Ukroboronprom unites more than 100 businesses in five key sectors of the defense industry. The company has more than 10 design Bureau engaged in the development, design and research.

Recall that in 2016 Ukraine in the quarter increased arms exports.